PMC Partners

Together, the partners at PMC have expertise and practical knowledge in various fields, such as textiles, fashion (from ready-to-wear to haute couture), luxury goods, accessories, chemicals and energy, food and beverages, multimedia, technology and industry, cosmetics, interior design, automotive, and machinery, to name a few.

Degree from the Sorbonne in Economic Science and a degree from the National Institute of Oriental Languages in Japanese (Paris).

He began working in Japan in 1966 as a diplomat and then founded the PMC group in 1974. He has contributed to the success and the establishment of more than 10 joint ventures, of which the cumulated wholesale sales figures are over 50 billion yen, mainly in fashion and luxury fields.

Yves Gasqueres
Role Chairman and Managing Director
Japan since 1966
Phone +81-3-3582-9862
FAX +81-3-3588-9147

Also a graduate of France’s National Institute of Oriental Languages, where he majored in Japanese. He has been with the PMC group since 1975 and became a partner in 1982.

Very invested in the French community in Japan, he has held the position of president of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, and the position of president of the French Foreign Trade Advisors in Japan. He is currently president of the Japan antenna of Doctors of the World.

gael austin
Role President and Managing Director
Japan since 1975
Phone +81-3-3585-1135
FAX +81-3-3585-1134

He studied at Lyon University and Georgetown University (Washington DC) and holds an MBA from EM Lyon. He came to Japan in 1988 and joined the PMC group in 1992.

He was in charge of the promotion for the Region des Pays de la Loire in Japan and organized the venues of many entrepreneurial groups at the FOODEX trade fair. As to his involvement in the French business community in Tokyo, he regularly works with the functional committee for the publication of the French Chamber of Commerce.

martial meyssignac
Role Managing Director
Japan since 1988
Phone +81-3-3585-2458
FAX +81-3-3586-7746

Arrived in Japan in 1990, where he worked at the French Embassy in Tokyo for two years.

He has remained in Japan, devoting his career to assist European companies developing their business activities in the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan. He has over 15 years experience in fashion and accessories.

martial meyssignac
Role Managing Director
Japan since 1990
Phone +81-3-3585-6608
FAX +81-3-3585-4330
All the partners at PMC participate in the management of representative offices and the Japanese subsidiaries of European companies.


The dynamic Japanese economy offers tremendous opportunities for success.: However, for a foreign company to achieve this success, it must have both a thorough understanding of the Japanese market and its business customs, with the added support of continually reliable corporate relationships.

We commit to providing both of these necessities, as well as local representation. PMC also minimizes the risks and frequently high start-up costs encountered by emergent enterprises in Japan. Any foreign company that leverages the PMC advantage creates a profitable and independent operation in Japan.

The PMC Team

Four senior consultant partners, supported by teams of consultants and assistants. The 4 PMC partners represent more than 50 foreign companies on the Japanese market and hold the positions of administrator, manager and president in several organizations created by their clients in Japan.

Four consulting divisions, each managed by one partner with a team of five-six dedicated members, who work to provide the best advice and services for our clients with speed and optimal efficiency.

Our teams are composed of consultants, trade representatives, and experts, having experience in international commerce, strategic and operational marketing, legal sphere, accounting and finance, logistics. They are all competent to answer any need from our clients.

Fluent in Japanese, English, and naturally, French, our well-trained staff includes a number of Japanese managers, consultants, sales representatives, and technicians who are available to our clients on an as needed basis.

Key Figures and PMC Company Profile

Company PMC CO., Ltd
Address PMC Bldg
1-23-5 Higashi Azabu, Minato-ku
106-0044 Tokyo Japan
Activities Assitance à l'implantation, recherche de partenaires, accords de licence, gestion de bureaux de liaison, de joint-venture ou de succursales implantées au Japon, études de marchés
Etablissement September 20th, 1974
Capital 50 millions yen
Turnover 356 millions yen (12/2014)
Number of Employees 24 personnes
Main Banks Mitsubishi-UFJ Bank, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Mizuho Bank


PMC methodology is built around two major stages: research of business partners in Japan, and a continuous follow up of your activities in order to optimize your investments and reach your goals.

follow-up reports

PMC regularly sends you follow-up reports on your business activities, based on the following:

  • Regular checks on quality control, distribution verification, point of sale visitation (as mystery shoppers, on official visits, etc.).
  • Analysis of competitors’ prices, press reviews, and monthly field of business statistics.
  • Alerts on regulations and changes in legislation.

PMC Fee Calculation

In consultation with you, PMC studies in a first time your business development plan and your needs, then present you a proposition of contract with PMC services.

The services proposed by PMC can be charge on the base of fixed monthly fees and refund of real costs, with eventually incentive compensation on the turnover realized in Japan with our help.



Enhance brand visibility while building communication plans for the Japanese market.


  • You are already established in Japan but you still wish to grow your business further.
  • You want to improve your brand visibility.
  • You want to stay the course with your already well-defined targets and the development opportunities you have in the works.


PMC can develop promotions tailored to business needs:from trade fair exhibitions to poster campaigns to advertising in specialized media such as trade magazines and the Internet. From sponsoring events to organizing cross-business partnership operational marketing campaigns to organizing and participating in forums and seminars, we cover the spectrum of promotional development.

PMC skills and competencies

Proposals, negotiations and media plan follow-ups

  • website creation
  • printing, leaflets, multimedia & website, Japanese PowerPoint presentations, and more.
  • Japanese/French/English translation.

Promotional event building

  • Organization of product launches through press conferences, trade fair booths, etc.
  • Press relationship maintenance through follow-ups, newsletters, and other information.
  • Consumer and press listing management.
  • Forwarding of enquiries from the influential players in your sector to you.
  • Providing showroom space, office locations, and meeting rooms at the PMC building in the center of Tokyo.

Advantage PMC

PMC elaborates promotional and PR plans for your products and services in the most efficient way, enhancing your brand image and credibility towards business partners, suppliers, clients, the leading minds of your industry and, consequently, reinforces your position in the Japanese market.

  • PMC creates budgeting and promotional plans, validated step by step by you up until the start of the operational phase, that are based on your needs and what your products and services particularly offer.
  • PMC gives you estimates in line with your budgets and provides advice to help you build a promotional plan suited to the Japanese market, from Tokyo to Osaka to Sapporo. Strongly supported by a strong network of PR agencies, we are one of the most innovative publicity and event planning companies in Japan.
  • PMC provides temporary or permanent showroom space and meeting rooms, which seat between six to twenty people, at the PMC building, situated in the center of Tokyo, five minutes from the Tokyo Tower.


PMC’s marketing formula. Gather information, research, analyze, elaborate and experiment. PMC carries out market research, partner research, business development planning, and marketing operations.

PMC skills and competencies

Market research and analysis of your business field organization and evolution in Japan: identifying suppliers, competitors, clients and consumers.

  • Defining the advantages and disadvantages of your product purchases, devising efficient price lists and price mapping, analyzing the business strategy of your direct competitors.
  • Continuously reporting and analyzing sales figures in your field of business.
  • Listing the differences between your product and those of your competitors, defining the best way to enhance your standing in the Japanese market.
  • Managing and optimizing product lines.
  • Identifying fields of business, new business opportunities, and new consumer trends

Operations support

  • Organizing direct marketing. Product testing, surveying, mailing, etc.
  • Training employees (sales teams, managers, etc.) on new product concepts.
  • Offering valuable support and advice for adapting what you offer, be it products or services, to target Japanese consumers.

Asset/advantage PMC

PMC aids in your business development projects or new business plans by proceeding in a step by step manner, in the following way, First, PMC conducts market research. PMC marketingIn doing so we list your activity environment. Competitors, suppliers, clients; we define your business strategy. Price position, product specifications, your good and bad points, the habits of local consumers, the economic and legal environment of your market in Japan. You make the decision to go international and launch your products in the Japanese market. With the help of the dynamic PMC business relationship network and over 33 years of experience, PMC efficiently devises a Japanese partner research plan, organizes your travel to and itinerary for Japan (market visits, meetings with potential local Japanese partner companies, trade fair exhibitors, to name a few), collects information and selects potential partners.



PMC prefers to attain a deep understanding of the client’s company policies, needs assets, always taking into consideration human relationships and regularly following up on the client’s business activities. Like all product development process, our is divided in several stages follow up: preparation, launching, and follow up. Our philosophy is based on accompanying and supporting you at each step of your development. At the opposite of big firms in strategy consulting which propose a cold diagnostic and a punctual assistance based on expansive fees, PMC favors a deep comprehension of your company, needs, assets, and values human relation and a continuous follow up of your activities.

Situation 1

Your target is the Japanese market, you want to start doing business in Japan or boost your present sales figures in this market, and also evolve and optimize your business strategy in this market.

Situation 2

You arrive at a crucial stage of development where it is a question of focusing on further enhancing your profile in your home country or redeploying toward an international strategy and optimally transposing your successful business model into the Japanese market.


You need objective advice and the support of a Japan-based company that has experts in the development of commercial activities of foreign businesses in Japan, possessing a deep knowledge of the rules and references of the Japanese market in order to establish a more efficient, accurate and precise strategy.

PMC skills and competencies

  • Our expertise in ensuring continued growth and relentless follow-up of your business activity in Japan and its long-term development.
  • Product development, like any process, encompasses many stages, such as preparation, launch, and follow-up. Our philosophy dictates that support is offered at each stage of development.
  • PMC continuously follows up on your enterprise activities, virtually guaranteeing long-term business in Japan./li>
  • PMC keeps your business relationships going smoothly through frequent communication, be it meetings, exhibitions, newsletters or through other media.

Advantage PMC

PMC is your ally in Japan, creating, reinforcing, and managing good relationships with your partners by regularly meeting and communicating with Japanese shareholders, suppliers, clients, and consumers, among others. PMC equips you with its Japanese market expertise and uses its business network and professional support for each client.

PMC assists you with market visits in Japan, business meetings, and sales and contract negotiations.

PMC offers clients fully-furnished, functional office locations specifically tailored to your needs, available at very short notice. All offices come with their own phone numbers, fax numbers, and internet access in the PMC building, situated in the center of Tokyo, five minutes from the Tokyo Tower


Our fields of business
  • Food industry
    Hugo&Victor, Naturex, XTC
  • Aeronautics / Spatial
  • Consumer goods
  • Capital goods
    Koralp, Light Optical Works, Unic
  • Chemistry
    AET Group, Grow Chemical
  • Cosmetics / Medicine
    E-Swin, Filorga
  • Interior Decoration
    Flos, Roche-Bobois
  • Electronics and telecommunications
    Altys Technologies, Parrot, Modernity
  • Energy
  • Jewelry
    Brigitte Ermel, Mellerio dits Meller, Morganne Bello, Perle de Lune, Lalique
  • Fashion / Luxury products
    Aigle, Année, Bernard Zins, Bonton, Chloé, Cinabre, Figaro, Jack Russell Malletier, Marie Claire, Morganne Bello, Lerner Cordier, Fauré Le Page, Lacoste, Somewhere, Daniel Hechter, Karoline Lang
  • Medias / Digital / Software
    Aselta, CD and LP, Dailymotion, ESPN, Scimob
  • Regional promotion
  • Robotics
    ECA Group
  • Security / Defense
    ECA Group, Paul Boyé, Eurotradia, Meti, Sapl
Some of our clients

About Japan

Trading and Business Industry
Different types of business enterprise

Your advantage : the notoriety and originality of your brand and/or products in your home country.

Situation in Japan : your field of activity has already matured in Japan. Some Japanese companies, already possessing a big market share as well as efficient operational tools in manufacturing and distribution, are searching for added value from abroad, in order to improve or create a new offer.

Advantages :

  • You find a Japanese partner who takes charge of implanting your brand and products in the market.
  • You have no need to establish a commercial entity in Japan; you license your know-how technical knowledge, specifications, product design… You come regularly to Japan or your licensee visits you to obtain approval for product prototypes which are to be sold.
  • Your licensee pays royalties for the use of your brand and know-how. A minimum guarantee is defined in the license agreement to guarantee an income, whatever may happen.

Elements of control : A good level of regular communication with your licensee, the follow-up of your fixed schedule. Presentation/prototype/approval, so that the quality and successful image of your products in your home country duplicates itself within the Japanese market.

Example : Marie-Claire (accessoiries), Gérard Darel, Agnès b. (eyewear et watches), Lulu Castagnette

Your advantage : You are a global leader in your field, your products high-tech and high quality, for which the manufacture is difficult to transpose to Japan.

Advantages :

  • An importation agreement with a Japanese distributor-partner is a less expensive solution. You don’t have any labor costs or any distribution network to organize or manage.
  • Your Japanese partner manages the distribution and visibility of your products within the Japanese market.

Elements of control : Your export price list (FOB, CIF, etc.) and a strong logistics system, which avoid late delivery or defective product issues that hamper market penetration and affect the level of confidence your partner has in you.

Example : Dolomite, Chocolat Richart

Your advantage : You have already established licenser activity in Japan and/or want to create a partnership with a local company, so as to guarantee yourself long-term development and the rapid and dynamic penetration of your products or services in the market.

Advantages :

  • You directly recruit an effective and responsible local managing team and, consequently, minimize salary costs and expatriate relocation charges.
  • Your Japanese partner, who already has a distribution network, helps you gain time to attain market penetration

Elements of control : Set up your manufacturing and distribution network and follow up on your development strategy…with PMC.

Example : Fabricant (manufacturing and distribution of the brand Lacoste), Agnès b., MCBDA (Brand Marie-Claire)

Your advantage : You have unique know-how and/or a great brand image in the Japanese market. After carrying out detailed market research, your prospects for profitability are strong and your development could be rapid.

Advantages :

  • You control all the steps of development for your offer in Japan. From manufacturing to distribution, image to publicity… and reap all the benefits of this strategy.

Elements of control : Superlative knowledge of the Japanese market is necessary when building a viable business plan in which your investments are optimally divided among manufacturing, distribution, management, marketing, etc

Example : CEBE (Ski masks and eyewear)

A foreign representative office can be established by a private company (companies, associations) or a state enterprise (local communities, universities, public institutions)

Advantages :

  • The presence of a local representative office where the employees quickly introduce your enterprise helps you to establish visibility and garner quick consumer brand recognition from the consumers you are targeting or clients and the main actors in Japan.

Elements of control : A representative office has, at a minimum, an expatriate manager and a Japanese employee. The representative office cannot conduct business and its principal objective is to distribute information concerning your activity and strategic monitoring.

Example : Parrot Japon

Japan Tips Section

Public Holidays in Japan

January 1st New Year’s Day
The second Monday of January Coming of Age Day
February 11th National Foundation Day
March 20th or 21st Vernal (Spring) Equinox
April 29th Showa Day, birthday of the Emperor Hirohito
May 3rd Constitution Memorial Day
May 4th Greenery Day
May 5th Children's Day
The third Monday of July Marine Day
August 4th Mountain Day
The third Monday of September Respect for the Aged Day
September 22nd or 23rd Autumnal Equinox
The second Monday of October Sports Day
November 3rd Culture Day
November 23rd Labor Thanksgiving Day
December 23rd Birthday of the Emperor

Japanese company holidays

Japanese companies used to have three fixed holiday periods: At the end of the year, four or five days off between December 28th and January 3rd. April, Golden Week (three consecutive days). In August, Obon (three days off in mid-August). Note, Department stores and restaurants are usually open even on company holidays and every Sunday.

Japanese geography and climate

Japan's territory is 377.993 km², of which 374,834 km² is land and 3,091 km² is water.

Japan is composed of four main islands, sometimes called the "Home Islands", which are (from north to south): Hokkaidō, Honshū (the "mainland"), Shikoku and Kyūshū. There are also about 3,000 smaller islands, including Okinawa, and islets, some inhabited and others uninhabited.

Japan is located in the temperate zone, which has four distinct seasons, but its climate varies from cool and temperate in the north to subtropical in the south.: Seasons in Tokyo, cool spring, very humid and hot summer, warn autumn and dry, cold winter.

Note, the rainy season in Japan is from early July to early August, and five or six typhoons pass over or near Japan every year from early August to early September.


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